Les Avocats

Les meilleurs avocats

We have another story from the Reclaim Our Voice program with our volunteer Trish from Mental Health Talk.  This interview-style story is about Leah and her experience with depression, an eating disorder and abuse, and how she keeps laughing.

Introduction to Not going to sit in silence anymore: an interview with Leah:

Leah has a nice smile.  I remember it from the first time I met her and now as we meet to discuss her story, her face brightens with it.  But it is fleeting as she softly speaks about how her life is challenging right now.  On top of distressing life events, she is struggling with depression again and feeling dispirited by gaining weight.

To read more of this interview, please visit http://mentalhealthtalk.info/depression-abuse

For more information on the Reclaim Our Voice program, please call the centre.

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